Wednesday, January 11, 2012


It has been forever mom said I need to do this so here go's I'm doing a blog about something that matters a lot to me.

As we all know over one hundred dogs cats and other animals are being neglected all over the world each day.
It breaks my heart every time I hear a story about an animal being pulled behind a pick up truck, The owner says "ohh the dog jumped out." Some dogs do that yes. But if we all stop and think, Well if the dog might jump out maybe we should keep it in the vehicle, Or maybe we just don't take the dog at all.

And then there are the people who just don't care at all they get a dog or a cat and just leave it in the house. Even horses. I watch a lot of animal planet and I know these things.

Some people leave there animals when they move, Not telling anyone not giving the pet away. And they go hungry or die they kill other animals just to stay alive. They go wild with no human contact. And start fighting. Eating away at walls just to keep themselves alive. Its every hurtful to see all the strays on the streets.

Here recently two stray kittens came up. We let them stay on our inclosed porch. We love them. One of the kittens have worms.   I wish when people see an animal in danger even on the side of the road you don't have to take them to a shelter or take them home. Just call your local animal shelter. The bad part about shelters the part I HATE is shelters only have so much money and after six or seven mouths they have to put some animals down to fit more in. Its unfair and they don't call it being mean to animals? Its the same thing as some one killing them. Whats the differences? They say no one wanted the animal and they had no room for them. Its just like some one saying they were tired of them and that they didn't have the money to feed it. I would tell them if you don't have the money then you don't need the pet.

Well I'm going to go help grandma with some things so thats all for now

Dad I love you and miss you very much:* Kisses and hugs love you night.

Friday, December 30, 2011


Okay so its almost a new year! For weeks I have been trying to say it was 2012 well now it is! Well almost anyway. Today grandpa and mom woke us up :( its okay it was like two o'clock anyway. The internet was out all afternoon. Grandma got it back at like five. We got on for about an hour or two and then ate dinner, After dinner it was mine and Faiths turn for dishes. Then we waited for grandmas church to finish. Then we started the REALLY fun stuff:) :). Mom helped us with our ( Mine and boos) Very first PSP tags! Here they are.

                                This is the first on I ever did! The next one I will put on notes to dad so this isn't to hard for him to load.   

I love you dad be safe I miss you very much. Hope you love the tags and have a VERY safe new year. Even know you wont be able to kiss mom when the ball drops.                                Love, Lea.                                           

 Mom thank you sooo Much for showing us how to use PSP. Love you.           Lea.


Friday, December 16, 2011


Tonight has been awesome! We found out we are going to aunt Diane and uncle Jays on Christmas eve, Uncle Charlie will be there with the baby! Maybe, We hope anyway. I will blog all about are day. The best part is now we can have Christmas dinner two times in one year! And we can talk about how excited we are with out thinking about grandma grandpa and aunt Lissa's beliefs. Not that its a problem just something we have not ever had to worry about, Nothing aginst your belief grandma.

I cant wait, I was hopping for it to snow but know I hope it doesnt. I really hope Uncle Charlie can make it.

Grandma this post ment nothing I hope I did not upset you in anyway.

Dad Come home and do not use all your minutes reading this. I love you and miss you, Come home safe.

I might write more in about another week. lol Just kidding. I really did not mean to put this off for so long.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Have not done this in awhile. Haven't felt like it with writing my book I was tired of typing.

And on top of that dad can not read it anymore. We got a box in yesterday that had something dad had sent us! The were camels! Mine was pink and said Afghanistan on one side and I miss you on the other. There is a heart under I miss you. We got another one that was not from him. But it had three teddy bears. And they came with a backpack that had a blanket inside. The blanket says your my hero.

Well mom thought I gave up on this. I did not mom. I was just not in the mood.

I love you mom!

I love you dad and miss you. If you can read this, Moms publisher said all three of our books can be published! We get PUBLISHED! I cant wait! Love you and miss you.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Today is the last day dad can read this. I love you dad and all I expect from you is for you to come home. I know you will, but be careful okay?

I miss you, what do you say to someone when they are as far away and in this much danger?

I miss you I love you, you are my hero my army dad. We all miss and love you here at home. We all wait until you come home, when you get your leave we will all be very happy very very very very happy to see you.

"I love you dad, I miss you dad. I wish you could come home and stay. I love you have a safe trip.

                                                                             Love your daughter Lea.
I wanted you to keep this pic in your mind, Have a safe trip dad. I love you.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Nov. 25.

Well this is a little early. We ave to do it early now because of dads time he cant read this if its posted at like five or six. Well I love you dad, I watched this movie last night it was awesome, This girl killed this guy cus she thought he turned her into the cops but really it was her boyfriend. At the end she dies and the dead guy comes back to life. The last words that she said was 'I just wanted to do one thing right.'

She died then. Her boyfriendd had shot her. She shot him back though, He died.

It was cool a lot happend. How are you? Is it cold yet?

"I love you dad! Night be safe.
                                                    I love you DAD.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday nov. 22-2011.

I have not been on here in forever. Thats because I have been working on my book. I have 20,450. Words. I cant wait until I have all the words I need and I compleate my book! I know I can do it. Here is a pic of my day with my grandma and grandpa and my sisters,

                                                     That was the best pic of the arch we took.

Here is one of boo on the way there, We had just interd the city.

                                                     As you can tell Faith took the pic.

Grandpa is in this one.

                                           A gard took it.     

This one is of us three its the best on I think.

                                                    I was sick bealeve it or not.    

This one we were tuching the Arch!

                                          Do I look sick to you? Well I did not feel it right then.

This one is cool. It showes anyone can be a robot and look real.LOL.
                                                    Indians. we are not very much but we do have indian blood in our family.  

Well there is a lot more but I have a book to wright and I need to get to it, 

DAD. I love you and wish you a happy Thanksgiving. I wish you were here. I miss you. I was thinking about you today. How you will not be here for Christmas, I love you and miss you.